Prophet Brian Carn


BCM Midnight Teaching - October 31, 2018

It's time to access what has been provided for you by grace; but remember to watch your motive. Let your faith reach out and receive the blessing! 


BCM Clarion Call - October 24, 2018

God will meet your needs! He gives seed to the sower. -- Listen to this powerful Clarion Call with Prophetic Updates from Prophet Brian Carn.


This Thing is Spiritual

You can never look at what's happening in the natural to determine what's going to happen in the spirit. This isn't a natural, carnal minded outlook, but this thing is spiritual... 


BCM Clarion Call - October 12, 2018

When you put God first, He becomes responsible for your needs. God says "Put Me first! Don’t push your wants and needs ahead of Me", put God first! 


BCM Clarion Call - October 8, 2018

Why do I give? What is the purpose of my giving? Why haven't I received a harvest on the seeds I've sown? These are all questions we have, but what was your motive behind giving that seed? Did you trust God or did you trust your wallet?


Balance It Out

As a part of the "It's Already Done" series, I want to teach you that there must be a balance between faith and grace. Faith is my positive response to what grace has already provided.

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