Prophet Brian Carn


God’s Love Has No Restrictions

The true love of God has no restrictions, but we do. Why not decide to show the same love God has shown to you time and time again to that person or thing you said you would never love again...portray the love of God!


God is in Love With You

Isn't it wonderful to know that GOD is in love with you... He loves you with an everlasting, unconditional love. Declare out of your spirit today, "He loves me"!


God’s Love Never Changes

The love of God never changes; it never fails. Ask the Lord to show you His love and give you a revelation of it that you've never experienced before! 


New Rules

Beginning a new series entitled "Is Your Love Right", this podcast teaches you that God loves you. He really does... and it's not because of what you do, but it's because of who He is!

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