Prophet Brian Carn


What Praise Does to God

God desires our praise! He inhabits the praises of His people. I dare you to give GOD the praise, continually, no matter what you're going through. Good times or bad times, happy or sad, make a decision to bless the Lord at all times! (Part 3 of the series "The Power of Praise)


What Praise Does to the Devil

When you're sad and depressed, the devil has you right where he wants you. But when you decide to lift your hands, open your mouth and release a praise unto God, that spirit of heaviness leaves and peace comes over you. This is what praise does to the devil!--(Part 2 of the teaching series "The Power of Praise")


What Praise Does to You

When you praise God, I mean genuinely praise God, there's a peace that comes over you in the midst of the troubles that are taking place in your life. It's time to rejoice! (Part 1 of the new series, "The Power of Praise")

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